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Surgery Handbook - Shoulder & Elbow

Your surgeon has probably told you or a relative that you need to have surgery on your shoulder or elbow. It would be great to get rid of the pain, but you may have many questions and concerns. What is going to happen now? How do you prepare for the surgery? What can you expect? Will it be painful, will you be able to use your arm? If not, for how long? How long will it take to recover? Etc.

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This booklet provides you with important information to help you prepare for the surgery and assist you with your recovery following the operation.

Hopefully we can assist you and your medical team make sure your recovery from your operation is as quick and trouble free as possible.

The full colour, 44 page handbook includes chapters on: - A Quick Guide: Things you need to do and know - Before your Operation - Pre-operative Assessment - MRSA Screening - Going to the Hospital - Consent & Complications - Things to Ask and Know - Making the decision - Know the surgeon and hospital - The operation - Physiotherapy - After the Operation - Before Leaving the Hospital - After Leaving the Hospital - Pain control after surgery - Surgical Wound Care - Hints and Tips from Patients - Returning to Work & Sports - Post-operative Exercises - Living with a Shoulder Sling - Notes for you and your clinicians

ISBN: 978-0-9561396-3-4

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