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Barbotage for Calcific Tendonitis

Ultrasound Guided Barbotage for Calcific Tendonitis
- a patient's experience

I was experiencing a lot of pain in my right shoulder after playing golf or lifting my arm.  Ultrasound guided barbotage was recommended to me by my surgeon, to break up the calcification around the joint.   

I was a little apprehensive at first but the doctor, a Consultant Radiologist, explained everything very carefully.

I had a pain killing injection followed by a Marcaine local anaesthetic injection – this was to break up the calcium and draw any surplus out.  The whole procedure was painless and lasted less than 30 minutes. 

The doctor used an ultrasound scanner on my shoulder throughout the procedure so that he knew exactly where to inject the fluid.

I rested my arm the reminder of the day and played no golf for three weeks and since then have had no problems.

I would definitely recommend the procedure.

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