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ShoulderDoc is the most popular Shoulder & Elbow information website on the internet, receiving over 150,000 hits per day and around 4,000 sessions per day!.

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"This is by far the best site on shoulders I've found on the internet."

"A brilliant website and, am happy to report, that the physios at the hospital do in fact refer often to your various notes."

"A very infomative, well set up web site. I can relate to everything I have been reading and this has helped me to understand my problem. Thank you very much."

"Manchester based orthopaedics surgeons have written and their use of high quality graphics and operative photographs makes this a user friendly site to navigate .... very photorealistic graphics are used with high quality Flash displayed in most browsers. I especially recommend viewing is the interactive graphics ."
- in BMJ Career Focus 2005;330:232

" is a breath of fresh air for patients and clinicians alike. It provides clear yet concise advice on all manner of shoulder complaints affecting both the sporting and everyday patient. Patient users of the site will find the site not overwhelming but informative and empowering. The clinician too will find this site an invaluable aid to explaining procedures and conditions to patients using the rich easy to navigate graphical interface. Overall it is hoped that other health care professionals learn from Mr Funk and his approach to understanding the needs of the patients of the present and future."

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